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Hi, my name is Brian Liu Xu.

I recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with an additional major in Human-Computer Interaction. I love to solve real-world problems by making technology useful and accessible to everyone, and my interests are in software engineering, information technology, and user-centered design.

Please note that I am not seeking employment at this time. To learn more about my education and work experience, Download my resume (Fall 2015)


  • SCS4ALL UnityAPI


    This project, codenamed UnityAPI, is a massive infrastructure project for managing SCS4ALL's online presence. Its purpose is to make development of SCS4ALL web services fast and easy for any subcommittee that requests one. Currently, the two most notable aspects are a hosting platform and a federated identity service.

    The Hosting Platform provides a web interface for provisioning web applications for the SCS4ALL website collection. Applications are run within separate Docker containers for security isolation. Users can manage server code via WebDAV access.

    The Identity Provider is a SAML-based identity service that imports federated CMU credentials, enforces role-based access control, and provides members access to the organization's Office 365 subscription. This eliminates the need for remembering multiple passwords and ensures a consistent experience across all of SCS4ALL.

  • SCS4ALL v2

    2014-ongoing, live

    I am developing this new website for the SCS4ALL student organization of the School of Computer Science in Carnegie Mellon University. SCS4ALL is an umbrella organization that aims to promote diversity and understanding in computing.

    Collaborators: Ashley Lai, Judy Mai, Allison Wang

  • Notify Me!

    Fall 2014

    This project was an interactive bulletin board. Current CMU bulletin boards are covered completely covered with announcements, and it takes too much time to look at each one and to determine if it is worth attending. This project aimed to address this problem by allowing users to connect their phones via QR code for personalized event suggestions. The user can also add events directly to their Google Calendar.

    I collaborated with Adam Moran, Kevin Hernandez, and Benjamin Marinoff on this prototype as part of my 15-291 class project.

  • Helpster

    Summer 2014

    This project was a redesign of a math homework website called Helpster, a research product by Arizona State University's math department. The project goal was to take their existing phpBB-based website and turn it into a friendly, user-centered system for high-school and college students.

    I worked with Stephanie Jeong, a communication design major, on this project. As a team, we performed heuristic evaluation, competitive analysis, and user testing design and execution. I also developed the framework for the Hi-Fi prototypes and deliverables.

    Note: When exiting the prototype, you will be asked to check with a study facilitator -- that was us! Simply confirm that you want to leave the page.

  • ZDweb

    Summer 2014

    I designed and built this Drupal-powered intranet site for Zetlin & De Chiara LLP, a construction law firm. It was intended as a one-stop resource for all employees so that commonly-accessed information is readily accessible simply by opening a browser window. ZDweb features an integrated firm calendar, an eWatch calendar, an online version of the Employee Handbook, the employee directory, and an IT knowledge base.



    I developed the first version of official website for the SCS4ALL student organization of the School of Computer Science in Carnegie Mellon University. SCS4ALL is a new umbrella organization that aims to promote diversity and understanding in computing.

    Collaborators: Jenny Liao, Vivian Wong, and Binghui Ouyang.

  • SCS Day 2014

    2013-2014, live

    I collaborated with Lucy Guo to develop the official 2014 website for the annual SCS Day event. SCS Day is a celebration of diversity in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, and it is supported by the SCS4ALL organization.

  • Tut House Student Council website collection

    2011-2013, public site demo

    I developed this Drupal-based website collection during my time in my high school's student government called the Tut House Student Council. This system consisted of a public-facing website for posting news and hosting surveys, a Commons website for internal collaboration, and a community platform where clubs could create their own websites. These three websites were tied together with a centralized single sign-on system managed by the Student Council. This project was completed in Fall 2012 and discontinued in Fall 2013.

  • UNIS-UN EXCOMM Communicator

    2011-2012, concept

    The EXCOMM Communicator is an all-in-one Java application for managing the annual UNIS-UN conference by its Executive Committee (EXCOMM). This cross-platform application requires no installation and can be deployed via Java Web Start. Clients communicate by syncing data with Google Drive.

    Features include a dashboard, a shared calendar and todo list, a mail client for viewing a shared inbox and for sending mass emails, a personal notebook, a CRM, a file browser, and an activity feed. Each of these features are accessible via the tabs on the top or via buttons. The CRM integrates with the official UNIS-UN website portal.

    This application unifies the various online services used by the Executive Committee, ensures that all members are up-to-date on tasks, and simplifies the transfer of files and historical records from year to year.

  • Redesign

    2011-2012, demo

    I developed this website for UNIS-UN, a student organization that plans and coordinates an annual international student conference held in the United Nations General Assembly. I collaborated with Julian Rosow on the website design. It is no longer the active design on the official UNIS-UN website.

  • Cinema Mission Promotional Video

    2011, video

    I created this animation for my high school film club Cinema Mission. This video was presented during the UNIS Media Extravaganza 2011. Cinema Mission was co-founded by me, Walker Higgins, and Richie Flaetgen in 2010. I designed the club's logo.

  • Mathematics with Ms. Neda

    Summer 2010

    I developed this WordPress-powered website for a high school math teacher (Ms. Neda Esfan) at the United Nations International School.

  • Science with Mr. Enns

    2008-2011, live

    I developed this website for a middle school science teacher (Mr. Douglas Enns) who worked at the United Nations International School. This website consisted of a public mode and an administrative mode. The administrative mode integrated a WYSIWYG editor, a photo gallery template, and a drag-and-drop interface for managing resources. Mr. Enns no longer works at UNIS.

I am currently in the process of making all of my projects available for viewing. Check back later for updates!

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